Soft Ferrites

With our original powder mixing techniques, powder process techniques and annealing techniques, Proterial provides soft ferrite products having excellent magnetic properties. These products contribute to downsizing, weight reduction and higher efficiency for passive components of mobile device and various devices such as for industrial equipment, xEV, etc.

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Soft Magnetic Materials and Components (for Ferrite Core)


Although saturation magnetic flux density of soft ferrite materials is lower than other soft magnetic materials, soft ferrite materials have high electric resistance and therefore have outstanding magnetic properties at high frequencies.
Soft ferrite materials can be shaped in various geometry and used for wide range of applications.

Proterial have various ferrite materials.

  • We have both Mn-Zn ferrite and Ni-Zn ferrite
  • Various ferrite materials in product line. We provide suitable ferrite material according to applications and required specifications.
Proterial Material Portfolio Proterial Material Portfolio

For Transformaer (Mn-Zn) · For Communication (sensor)(Mn-Zn)

Mn-Zn Ferrite

Mn-Zn soft ferrite cores for high frequency power suppies MaDC-F®

Magnetic Domain Controlled – Ferrite

MaDC-F®series realized high-performance low core loss ferrite cores in high frequency operation using magnetic domain control technology.

With optimized of main compounds mixing ratio and trace additive elements, and combination of sintering process based on hysteresis analysis, eddy current loss analysis and the original annealing technique, we make Magnetic Domain Control (which derive the name "MaDC®" from), and realize low core loss ferrite materials.

Material (MaDC-F®) Features Material characteristics
ML27D Low core loss at the frequency 300kHz~500kHz
ML95S Low core loss at the frequency 500kHz~1MHz
ML91S Low core loss at the frequency 1MHz~3MHz
Notice for Design: Transformer or Inductor using ML91S shall be designed under the condition of magnetic flux density, Bm, less than 50mT.
Other Mn-Zn ferrite
Classification of Material Advantages Material Name
Outstanding low power loss in high frequency range (≥100kHz)
Outstanding saturation magnetic flux density from room temperature to high temperature (120°C).
Low relative loss factor and high impedance
High permeability
Stable permeability in wide temperature range (-20 ~ 100°C).

For Inductor (Ni-Zn) · For Communication (sensor)(Ni-Zn)

Ni-Zn ferrite

Classification of Material Advantages Material Name
High saturation magnetic flux density and half power loss compared to NB・NH series. Suitable for high voltage transformer or transformer of DC/DC converter
High saturation magnetic flux density. Suitable for power application
Outstanding thermal shock resistance with the same performance as NB series.
High permeability in Ni-Zn materials
Small performance change against compressive stress, and less influence by magnetic field. Suitable for resin molded components.


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Soft Magnetic Materials and Components (for Ferrite Core)


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