Metal Powder for 3D Printing [ADMUSTER]

Material Development That Optimizes The Characteristics and Advantages of Additive Manufacturing
We develop AM materials with a wide spectrum of properties ranging from high-strength to high-melting-point, including highly corrosion-resistant materials for chemical plants and semiconductor fields.

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Main Products of Metal Powder for 3D Printing

Corrosion Resistant Material

High Corrosion Resistant and
High Strength Alloy

Multi-component alloys which are difficult to produce by the melting method can be applied to structural parts by using additive manufacturing. Both high strength and corrosion resistance can be achieved by the multi-component nano-precipitate. Strength/hardness and ductility can be adjusted by tempering process.

High Corrosion Resistant
Nickel-Based Alloy

A nickel-based alloy, with high corrosion resistance and good track records in a wide range of environment, is applied to metal 3D printing. It has the same corrosion resistance as forging and rolling C21P, and realizes higher mechanical strength with 3D printing technology.

Hard Particle Dispersion
Strengthened Chromium Based

A hard particle dispersion strengthened alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and anti-sediment wear resistance. It achieves excellent corrosion resistance by increasing the concentration of Cr.

High Strength Material

Low Cobalt Maraging Steel Powder
for Additive Manufacturing

It has the same strength as general maraging steel even with a cobalt content of 1% or less.(Exempted from the control under the class 2 controlled chemical substance in Japan) and is easy to handle for additive manufacturing.

High-Strength Maraging Steel Powder for Additive Manufacturing

YAG350AM is a maraging steel characterized by its high hardness after aging annealing. It can be adjusted to a higher hardness than general 300ksi class steels.

Other Original Materials

We can manufacture metal powders that do not exist in the market, and supply in small quantity as custom-made, according to customer's requirements.

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