About Our Products

Molds and tool steel
  • Molds and tool steel
Materials for industrial equipment
  • Automobile related materials
  • Razor and blade materials
  • Precision cast components
Aircraft- and energy-related materials
  • Aircraft- and energy-related materials
Electronic Materials
  • Display-related materials
  • Semiconductor and other package materials
  • Battery-related materials
Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
  • Metal powder supply for 3D printing
  • 3D printing service
  • Rolls for steel mills
  • Injection molding machine parts
  • Structural ceramic products
  • Steel-frame joints for construction
Automotive Casting
  • Casting components for automobiles (HNM ductile cast iron products
  • Cast iron products for transportation equipment
  • HERCUNITE heat-resistant exhaust casting components)
Piping Components
  • Piping and infrastructure components (Gourd brand pipe fittings, stainless steel and plastic piping components, and sealed expansion tanks)
Mass Flow Controllers
  • Precision mass flow control devices
Chilled-Water Feeder Chilled Tower
  • Water cooling equipment
Soft Magnetic Components and Materials
  • Soft magnetic materials (Metglas amorphous metals; FINEMET® nanocrystalline magnetic material; and soft ferrite) and applied products
  • Magnets (NEOMAX® rare-earth magnets; ferrite magnets; and other magnets and applied products)
Ceramics Components
  • Ceramics Components
Wire & Cables
( for Infrastructure )
  • Electric power and industrial wires and cables
  • Communication cable
  • Fiber optic related products
Wire & Cables
( for Electronic Devices )
  • Electronic wires and cables
  • Cable for medical equipment
  • High speed copper interconnect
  • Wiring devices
  • Bus bar
Magnet wire, Electric discharge machining wire
  • Magnet wire
  • Electric discharge machining wire
  • Contact wire
  • Alloy wire
  • Plated wire
Automotive Components
  • Electronic components for automotive
  • Brake hoses
Other products

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