Amorphous alloy (Metglas)

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In recent years, energy savings have been an urgent issue as a countermeasure against global warming. As energy efficiency standards in each country have become more strict, soft magnetic core materials with lower core loss have been required to comply with these standards.
Amorphous metal is an alloy with a non-crystalline structure produced by ultra-rapid quenching (about 1 million ℃ per second) of a molten alloy. Because amorphous metal has no anisotropic properties, “which originated from a crystalline structure and hence no crystalline grain boundaries to prevent motion of magnetic domain walls”, it shows excellent magnetic properties such as high permeability and low loss while having a high-saturation magnetic flux density.
Amorphous alloy, whose main ingredient is Fe (iron), compared to conventional materials such as silicon steel, have a small no-load loss (iron loss), 1/3 ~ 1/5 that of silicon steel.
Therefore, they make a major contribution to energy conservation.
Proterial provides amorphous metal ribbon and are also building the recycling system.



Fe-based amorphous alloys have lower iron loss compared to grain-oriented electrical steels because of low hysteresis loss due to non-crystalline structure and low eddy current loss due to thin ribbon thickness and high electrical resistivity.


Manufacturing method and recycling system

Manufacturing method and recycling system


Amorphous alloys are mainly used for pole transformers and industrial transformers, but due to their characteristics, they are also widely used in noise reduction parts, electronic circuit parts, EV parts, etc.
In recent years, it has been used for motor cores due to its low iron loss compared to electrical steel sheets.

We propose a method to use materials tailored to your company.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

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