Our spirit

Materials for
tools and cutlery

Comprehensive global solutions for a wide range of applications

We meet the needs of our customers for tools with long life or improved environmental response by proposing the most appropriate tool steel with high quality finishes. We take advantage of intelligent alloy design, and advanced melting and hot-working processes.

In addition to the steel itself, we provide a comprehensive solution, including machining, heat treatment, and surface treatment services, to meet the global needs of car makers, industrial infrastructure, and other applications.

Thanks to our strength in every aspect of steel-working, we are able to contribute to the growth of industry throughout the world.

※Certain products may have some manufacturing processes outsourced.

Materials for
vehicles and industry

Continuously challenging ourselves to meet changing needs

To gain improvements in fuel efficiency and energy saving, today’s vehicles demand greater performance from their steel components. From engine parts to transmissions and turbo-chargers, we provide solutions with excellent functional characteristics.

For many years, we have been known for the outstanding quality of our piston ring and engine valve materials.

Whatever the challenge, our customers return because we respond to their needs—not only car makers, but those involved in functional components for daily life, and industrial components.

List of major products

  • Automotive component materials
  • Functional component materials
  • Industrial component materials

Materials for
aircraft and power plants

Contributing to future innovations in the aircraft and energy industries through advanced technology and a long term perspective on quality

Few applications are more demanding than aircraft and power plants, which need materials that must perform unfailingly in severe environments.

Through decades of advance in material technology, quality assurance and research and development, we are able to provide highly reliable materials and services that will serve our customers for years ahead.

With our unique melting technology and manufacturing processes, we will continue to provide valuable products and contribute to innovations in the global aerospace and energy industries.

List of major products

Materials for aircraft engines:

  • Disks
  • Cases
  • Shafts

Materials for power plants:

  • Gas turbine blades
  • Cases
  • Bolts
  • Pins
  • Gas turbine wheels

Materials for

High performance metal products, with consistent production technology, from development and sample making to mass production, to meet the latest needs of our customers

Our electronics-related products fulfil an essential role in a wide range of applications, such as audio-visual equipment, IT devices, automobiles, batteries, and home appliances.

To help realize a sustainable society, we supply high-performance steel products that make best use of our technical capability and consistent engineering processes from development and sample making to mass production.

List of major products