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Low Core Loss
Noncut Core


FINEMET® FT-3TL have much lower core loss and have high satulation flux density. The non-cut core using FT-3TL material contributes to the reduction of loss, size and weight of high frequency transformers.

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The non-cut core using the nanocrystal soft magnetic material Finemet® FT-3TL has a lower loss of about 1/3 to 1/4 compared to the Finemet® F3CC series cut core, and is compared to Mn-Zn ferrite. Since it has a saturation magnetic flux density that is about three times higher, it contributes to lower loss, smaller size, and lighter weight of high-frequency transformers.

1. Lower Loss

Compared to conventional cut core.
-Toroidal core has 1/7 smaller core loss
-Square core has 1/5 smaller core loss

2. High Satulation Flux density.

4 times more higher flux density compared to Mn-Zn Ferrite
(Bs 0.3T:1.2T)

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