Magnetic slot wedges for Motors Magnetic slot wedges for Motors

Magnetic slot wedges
for Motors


Sep 1, 2022
High-performance magnetic wedges development that contribute to the high efficiency induction motors


Improving the efficiency of motors, which are said to account for 40% of the world's electricity consumption, is an urgent issue, and various efforts are being made. As one of the efforts, "magnetic wedge" that realizes high efficiency by mounting without changing the structure and size of the motor is attracting attention.

We propose a method to use materials tailored to your company.


We have developed a new type of magnetic wedge that does not contain resin, using a new technology that adheres magnetic particles to each other without using resin. This new technology has made it possible to increase the density of magnetic particles and achieve a high magnetic permeability that is approximately twice that of conventional products. In addition, our high-density magnetic wedges are about 1.5 times stronger than conventional ones, and because they are resin-less, they have excellent heat resistance that does not decrease even at high temperatures. In addition, since our magnetic wedge has higher electrical resistance and higher thermal conductivity than conventional materials, it can be expected to be effective in reducing eddy current loss generated in the magnetic wedge itself and improving motor cooling efficiency.

Application example

Application example

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