Bus Bar

We developed our bus bars by employing the metalworking and insulating techniques we developed during the manufacturing and development of various electrical wires and cables. We can provide bus bars in various configurations according to customer requests.

Electric Wire & Cable Business Unit


  • Power Distribution Board [PDB]
  • Inverter Bus Bar
  • Wiring component for inside of electric motor (Semi-rigid Connect Assy)


Power Distribution Board [PDB]

  1. 1A multi layered power bus laminated with PET film.
  2. 2Low inductance, low impedance.
  3. 3Save on wiring space and wiring cost.
Power Distribution Board

Inverter bus bar

  • High electrostatic capacitance and low impedance are possible by integrating P-N layer conductors through an insulation film.
  • Wiring processes can be reduced due to design flexibility.
Inverter bus bar

Wiring component for inside of electric motor
[Semi-rigid Connect Assy]

  • Achieve high voltage and heat resistance
  • Design is possible to be customized according to customer's layout request.
  • Improve customer's workability by excellent weldability and dimensional accuracy.
  • Achieve automation of assembly process in customer line.
Semi-rigid Connect Assy

Electric Wire & Cable Business Unit


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