Micro-coaxial cables and assemblies for medical devices

We are providing micro-coaxial cables and its assemblies for medical devices for a long time. Through developing our cabling and processing technology, we will contribute to developing smaller medical devices and minimally invasive diagnosis and medical treatment.

Electric Wire & Cable Business Unit

For Catheters and Electrosurgeries
For Catheters and Electrosurgeries


Medical devices such as Catheter, Endoscopy, Medical Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment, and any other Electrosurgeries.

For Flexible and Rigid Endoscopies
For Flexible and Rigid Endoscopies


Micro-coaxial cable and its assembly. Through developing smaller fine pitch cable termination technology, we can provide cable assemblies which is attached with not only connector but also sensor, light-guide, and other parts by one-stop.

Our 10um conductor with human hair (100um)
Our 10um conductor with human hair (100um)
Fine pitch soldering(100um)
Fine pitch soldering(100um)


  • Micro-coaxial cable design
    • 32 to 50 gauge(AWG)
    • Excellent electrical characteristics(capacitance & impedance)
    • Excellent mechanical strength and flexible performance
  • High-Strength / High-Conductivity Conductor
  • Various sheath materials
    (PVC/TPU/Non-sticky Silicone)
  • Fine pitch soldering and cable termination
  • Small to large volume capacity management
  • Product validation and quality management
    (ISO13485 certified*)
  • Global sales network(US, EU, Asia, and Japan)
  • *Production of Cable Assembly for Medical Devices in Proterial Cable (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
    Manufacture of extruded tubing, components and assemblies specializing in medical applications and contract manufacturing of medical devices in Proterial Cable America, Inc., High Performance Medical Solutions Division.

Electric Wire & Cable Business Unit


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