Linear Motors-Driven Large XY Θ Stages

With the development of increasingly large-scale and sophisticated liquid crystal and plasma displays, demand for manufacturing equipment that is capable of high-speed, highly accurate positioning and with large-stroke specifications has grown.
The linear motor directly driven large XYQ stage developed and commercialized by Proterial satisfies this demand and lays the groundwork for next-generation processing.

We propose a method to use materials tailored to your company.


For a high system performance, there has to be total performance of the motor unit, which generates thrust, the motor control unit, and the stage unit, which makes possible high-accuracy operation. This fully integrated system has the following merits.

  1. 1High-speed, high-accuracy positioning: Because each axis is driven directly by a PM-type, direct current coreless coil motor using advanced rare-earth magnets, high-speed, high-accuracy positioning is possible even with long-stroke specifications. In addition, the system is simpler, smaller and lighter than others because it does not require a combination of coarse and delicate driving to achieve high speed without compromising accuracy.
  2. 2Low-noise, low-dust emission: Because stage construction does not use ball screws, a low-noise structure is possible. And because there is no rotary section, which can cause oil mist to be scattered, dust levels are also kept down.
  3. 3High reliability, low cost: Proterial standard linear motors are used in motor core sections with short delivery times.: Because reliability is high and parts are standardized, systems can be built very quickly and inexpensively.
  4. 4In the case of Proterial general-purpose motor control units, it is possible to rewrite control programs using a microcomputer. Units can be custom-built to meet a wide range of preferences, including low- to high-speed operating ranges to positioning and velocity stabilization applications.

Basic Specifications

Properties Unit Specification
Motor thrust, torque X axial N 200
  Y axial N 300
  θ axial N・m 50
Stroke X axial mm 1100
  Y axial   1600
  θ axial   ±5
Load   N 588
Accuracy X axial μm 30
  Y axial μm 30
  θ axial μm 30
Repeatability X axial μm ±1
  Y axial μm ±1
  θ axial μm ±2
XY squareness 400×600 μm 25
Flatness   μm 40
Straightness X axis: Vertical μm 10
  Horizontal μm 10
  Y axis: Vertical μm 10
  Horizontal μm 10
Pitching X axial μm 10
  Y axial μm 10
Yawing X axial μm 10
  Y axial μm 10


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