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"Proterial" material technology contributes to High Integration and High Thermal Management of Power Module

Products & Services for lnverters/Power Modules

lnverters On Board Charger Power modules

Features & Benefit

Applications Products Features Benefits
Power Module Interconnection
Lead Frame
・Various Shapes and Dimensions ・Heatsink integrated Lead
・Control of the Thermal Conductivity and the Thermal Expansion Coefficient ・Low Thermal Stress
・High Electric Corrosion Resistance
Electrode ・Suppression of Crystal Grain Growth at High Temperature ・High Heat Resistance
Insulating Substrate ・High thermal conductivity(90 W/m/K, 130 W/m/K) and High strength(700 MPa) ・High Heat Dissipation
・Thick Copper Electrode
Boost Inductor
・Low Core Loss Material Lineup in Wide Frequency Range (10k-2MHz) ・Down-sizing
・High Efficiency
Noise-Reduction Parts (EMI components) ・High Impedance at AM frequency band
・Good Thermal Property



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