Insulating Substrate Si3N4 for Power Semiconductor Modules

By assigning high thermal conductivity to high-strength, high-pliancy silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramics, we have improved thermal shock resistance and heat-resistant fatigue as well as greatly increased the reliability of semiconductor modules. Furthermore, we have been able to realize a new module structure that was not possible with conventional aluminum and aluminum nitride.

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Proprietary Features

We have succeeded in developing materials of both improved strength and heat conductivity, attributes which usually involve a trade-off. At 130W/m・k, we have achieved the world's highest standard.

Direct Benefits

Figure 1: Conventional Structure

  1. 1Conventionally, aluminum and aluminum nitride have been used in the insulation boards of power semiconductor modules, but the mechanical strength is low and there are limitations with the structural design of the module itself. Figure 1 shows the complicated construction.

Figure 2: New Module Structure (Simplified)

  1. 2By using the newly developed high-strength, highly heat conductive Si3N4 in the insulation board, we have been able to simplify the module structure, as shown in Figure 2. It has become possible to affix a thick Cu Wiring board, thereby lowering thermal resistance. The construction has been further simplified by eliminating the heat dissipation board, resulting in cost reductions.

Associated Benefits

Fields of Applications:

  1. 1Can be widely used as a structural material where thermal shock resistance and heat-resistant fatigue are required.
  2. 2Its high degree of purity makes it suitable for use as a semiconductor manufacturing device material.


  • Insulation boards for Peltier elemental modules
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment material
  • Heat-resistant structural material


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