Nd-Fe-B Magnets NEOMAX®


NEOMAX® magnets,comprised primarily of iron, boron, and rare earth elements (principally neodymium), are the worlds strongest and highest-performance magnets. NEOMAX® has made possible smaller and more advanced electronic devices than everbefore.
The company was a pioneer in the field of magnet technology. and has continuously met industry's needs for advanced materials and technology, including reliable surface processing techniques. With NEOMAX®, we created a new class of mass-produced magnet. Today NEOMAX® is not only the world's best-selling rare earth magnet, but is also viewed by scientists and researchers around the world as having limitless potential applications. In recognition of this groundbreaking technological achievement, The company was awarded the Okouchi Memorial Prize for NEOMAX® in 1993.


Surface treatment of NEOMAX®

The neodymium-based sintered magnet now has enhanced corrosion resistance of the material itself due to structural refinement are compositional homogenization of sintered constituents. Moreover, the magnet's reliability has been improved considerably due to the application of surface treatment technologies such as aluminum and nickel coating. When it comes to surface treatment, greater importance is now attached not only to corrosion-resistance performance but also to such factors as adhesive durability andinsulation quality, the requirements for magnets used in motors. We have developed environmentally sound products that meet these needs. These products are used by customers with confidence.

Our surface treatment technology is in compliance with international environmental standards, such as the RoHS directive and the ELV directive.

If you need surface treatment, please let us know beforehand because we have to choose appropriate treatment processes and product types according to applications, the specific usage environment and required characteristics.

  Aluminum coating Nickel plating Epoxy coating Passivation
Standard coating thickness
5~20 5~25 10~30 -
Corrosion resistance Thermal humidity resistance ○ ◎ ○  
Salt spray resistance   ○ ◎  
Adhesive endurance ◎     ○
Insulation     ◎  
Dimensional accuracy ○     ◎
Application Sensors
Various motors
Optical pickup
Various motors
Compressor motors
Environmental uses

Basic Precautions Before Using Magnets


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