Neodymium Anisotropic
Sintered Ring Magnet

Major Uses


  • 1.The cylindrical shape enables higher precision in external dimensions.
  • 2.As a rotor, can achieve uniform magnetic density flux distribution.
  • 3.Fastening the magnet is simple, enabling assembly-related cost reductions.
  • 4.Highly reliability due to enabling rotor construction from a single magnet.
  • 5.Optional magnetization, including free multiple magnetization, skew-type magnetization possible (Radial anisotropic magnet)
  • 6.Can obtain sine surface inductive flux distribution (multi-pole oriented magnet)
Representative Shape
Item Radial Anisotropic Magnet Multi-pole Oriented Magnet
Magnet diameter (mm) φ15 ~φ90 φ8~φ43
Diameter rate 0.75 ~0.95 0.6~0.8
Magnet length (mm) 5~60 5~40
Number of poles Optional Optional

Basic Precautions Before Using Magnets


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