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Beyond Traditional R&D, Proterial Brings Innovation Globally

Achieving innovation through rapid technological development and going beyond existing fields

[Photo]Global Research & Innovative Technology center : GRIT

The Global Research & Innovative Technology center (GRIT) is a Corporate Research Lab of Proterial, Ltd. It was established to promote sustainable growth and the research and development of advanced materials with the potential to make medium- to long-term social contributions.

In recent years, we have witnessed huge waves of change that will dramatically alter our society. These include the transformation of production systems, which is being fueled by the advancement of the Internet of Things, as well as a shift from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs).

GRIT is poised to respond to these rapid changes through leading innovation, capitalizing on free-spirited imagination and open innovation rooted in our expertise and knowledge, aiming to be active on the global stage.

Pursuing disruptive innovation and discontinuous innovation

[Photo]High-Entropy Alloy
High-Entropy Alloy

GRIT is working on medium- to long-term research themes while monitoring both threats and opportunities. For example, the center is developing metal powder and wires for metal 3-D printers. This project goes beyond simple material creation. It uses computer-aided engineering to develop materials that can maximize the capabilities of 3-D printers, developing recipes for each material in advance while using simulations to verify the properties of metals and deformations. These technologies will enable us to quickly develop new materials and specialized products for single batch production, while also ensuring high quality. In addition, GRIT is focused on the development of lightweight yet strong materials, which are expected to find applications in automobiles, aircraft and energy-related equipment. We have also been making bold steps to develop compound metals by combining a wide range of materials with different functions. While focusing on steel as the main material, we have been using materials such as superalloys, aluminum, carbon nanotubes, ceramics, and more.

June 3, 2016
Overview of FY2018 Medium-Term Management Plan, Innovation in Monozukuri and R&D (PDF:PDF)

These new technologies were once seen as a threat to Our Company. However, they can represent an opportunity to take a significant leap forward if we can bring about technological innovation within the company. Therefore, GRIT will embark on new challenges to achieve drastic technological innovation by envisioning the future in 10 to 20 years' time, aiming to push boundaries within Our Company.

Seeking open innovation by bringing together technologies from all over the world

Our Company has been taking aggressive steps toward open innovation, such as establishing the Proterial-NIMS Center of Excellence for Next-generation Materials as well as participating in the IBM Research Frontiers Institute.
Moreover, GRIT has established an area to promote collaboration with customers and an open laboratory that uses 3-D printers. The center will endeavor to fulfill its role as a place to interact with top researchers from around the world and to lead innovation.

[Photo]Collaboration Lounge
Collaboration Lounge

[Photo]3DAM Open Laboratory
3DAM Open Laboratory

December 9, 2022
Proposing High-Performance Ferrite Magnets for xEV Traction Motors(PDF:PDF
April 16, 2019
Fraunhofer IISB and Hitachi Metals Develop New Technology to Enhance the Power Density in Compact On-Board Charg
October 24, 2018
Developing a Higher-Efficiency Motor Technology Using Amorphous Metals

In industrial fields, material innovation has long driven technological innovation. The development of innovative, advanced materials has, time and again, served as a starting point for transformations in society. GRIT will cease its past focus on conventional steel and metals, and instead will focus on materials that are in demand in the new era, striving to become the best partner for our customers. Our goal is to ensure that our customers will turn to Our Company, whether for engines or EVs. GRIT's mission is to contribute to sustainable growth and solutions to social problems, while remaining aware of the importance of its aims.


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