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Molds and tool steel •Molds and tool steel Contact
materials for industrial equipment •automobile related materials, and razor and blade materials, and precision cast components Contact
Aircraft- and energy-related materials •Aircraft- and energy-related materials Contact
Electronic Materials •display-related materials, semiconductor and other package materials, and battery-related materials Contact
Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) •Metal Powder Supply for 3D Printing, and 3D Printing Service Contact
Rolls •Rolls for steel mills •Injection molding machine parts •Structural ceramic products •Steel-frame joints for construction Contact
Automotive Casting •Casting components for automobiles (HNM ductile cast iron products, cast iron products for transportation equipment, and HERCUNITE heat-resistant exhaust casting components) •Aluminum components Contact
Piping Components •Piping and infrastructure components (Gourd brand pipe fittings, stainless steel and plastic piping components, water cooling equipment, precision mass flow control devices, and sealed expansion tanks) Contact
Soft Magnetic Components and Materials •Soft magnetic materials (Metglas® amorphous metals; FINEMET® nanocrystalline magnetic material; and soft ferrite) and applied products Contact
Magnets •Magnets (NEOMAX® rare-earth magnets; ferrite magnets; and other magnets and applied products) Contact
Ceramic components •Ceramic components Contact
Wire & Cables
( for Infrastructure )
•Electric power and industrial wires and cable, Communication cable, Fiber optic related products Contact
Wire & Cables
( for Electronic Devices )
•Electronic wires and cables, Cable for medical equipment, High speed copper interconnect, Wiring devices, Bus bar Contact
Magnet wire, Electric discharge machining wire •Magnet wire, Electric discharge machining wire, Contact wire, Alloy wire, Plated wire Contact
Automotive Components •Electronic components for automotive, and Brake hoses Contact
Other products Contact

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