We will introduce the following brand statement to
summarize the technological abilities and future focus
expressed in our brand story:


By OUR HERITAGE, we mean the unique manufacturing wisdom and technology that Yasugi Specialty Steel has inherited over many generations, and that is the basis on which we will develop into the future.

By YOUR ADVANTAGE, we mean our determination to use our technologies, products and solutions to bring value, innovation and growth to our customers all over the world.

Shaping global innovation
from a unique Japanese tradition

It requires honesty,
integrity and
experience to
produce great steel.

At our Yasugi works in the San’in region of Japan, a place renowned for the high purity of its iron sands, we draw on generations of material and smelting expertise, passed down to us through the tradition of Tatara iron-making and the 1,000 year old craft of “Wako” (whose symbol is a Japanese sword), to make the world’s finest steel.

As professionals in specialty steel, we pursue outstanding quality. To our practical wisdom, we add a craftsman’s attention to detail, Japanese care in manufacturing, and an unceasing passion for accuracy.

Today Yasugi Specialty Steel creates innovative products and solutions for customers all around the world — from tools and cutlery, razor blades, and automotive parts, to electronics and components for aircraft and power plants.

Though we have achieved a leadership role in our industry, we are never complacent. We know we must work unceasingly to retain our position. We must commit to further innovation to meet the needs of our changing markets, and the aspirations and demands of people, society, and the environment. We must strive for continuous improvement, adapting our revered traditions to reach the highest levels of performance. We must challenge ourselves, every day.

Each one of us is a vital part of a Japanese global brand. As long as we understand and share the visions of our customers, and develop new ideas that bring those visions to life, customers will always select Yasugi Specialty Steel as their partner of choice.

Bringing steel to life

Exceptional technology and wisdom: Japanese professionalism and passion, embodying the 1,000 year old tradition of Wako.

Innovative products and solutions: made to match customer needs and help their business grow.

Continuous improvement: an unceasing aspiration to become the world's greatest specialty steel manufacturer.

Yasugi Specialty Steel — bringing steel to life.