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Advanced Metals Division

3D Printing Service

Proposal of Unique Manufacturing Method as Material Specialist

From the perspective of a material expert, we support the selection of materials/3D printing methods and post processing technology according the customer's requirement.

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Our Strength

  • We support 3D printing with various materials, from our original materials to standard materials in the market
  • We propose the most suitable printing method from various printing machines (SLM, EBM, DED etc.)
  • We have applicable machining, surface treatment (polishing, plating, etc.) and inspection technologies suitable for additive manufacturing.
  • We support all production stages, not only for one-off prototyping, but also for scaling up to mass production by AM and process shift from existing manufacturing methods (precision casting, MIM, forged and rolled products, etc.).

SLM : Selective Laser Melting
EBM : Electron Beam Melting
DED : Direct Energy Deposition
EBAM : Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing
*EBAM is a registered trademark of Sciaky, Inc. of the United States.

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